We didnít think of these words to describe ourselves, our customers did. And as soon as we heard them, we knew they were accurate. They describe our approach as well as our philosophy.

Lean. Lean is a state of mind and a fundamental business approach. US LaserMade Services (formerly US LaserMade) has been a lean operation for the entire 12 years it has been in business. The founding business philosophy and practices at US LaserMade Services centered around the concept of lean, assuring manufacturing through-put and customer value for money.

Lean systems. Our equipment was purchased and organized with lean systems in mind. For example, we thought it better to have 3 or 4 smaller, less expensive lasers than one high-end laser with limited flexibility. This philosophy has proven to be correct, as we can mix or combine the output of the lasers to best suit our customersí production needs. As we have added other types of precision processing equipment, it has always been with this same philosophy to create lean synergy.

Nimble. Quick to understand, think, and devise. Nimble describes US LaserMade Services. We are a thinking, action-oriented company. We ask questions, consider the possibilities, devise a course of action, and move forward. Proposed solutions take literally minutes to hours, not days and weeks. Revisions happen just as quickly. We find solutions fast Ė without sacrificing accuracy.

Accessible. Youíll find a lot of layers to the US LaserMade onion. When you call US LaserMade Services, you will speak directly to the owner of the company. Sure, on occasion youíll get his voice mail, but if this should happen, the owner, Tom Black, will call you back as soon as possible, certainly within the hour.
At US LaserMade, you get real attention, real discussion, real suggestions, real solutions. Thatís accessible.

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